Thursday, February 2, 2012


This country and my life have something in common, an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. I feel like I have no real purpose anymore, my kids are grown and don't need me, Lee (my husband) is busy with his work and his jewelry making business and would be fine without me, I can't even think of a goal to set for myself. Between my health restrictions and this horrible lack of motivation, most days are spent just waiting for them to be over.  I think our country is in a similar position in that it needs a common goal that EVERYONE can get excited about. Like how this country was after the depression during World War II when we (well they) all felt connected and a part of the effort. I wonder if it is too late, for this country and for me. I guess we'll all find out eventually. I sincerely hope that it's not too late.
Talk to you all again another time....

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